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A well respected company known for innovated products . The leader in production IC adapters from proto to small to medium and large production volumes. A leader in new BGA chip scale package test sockets. The leader in universal DIP test sockets as seen on almost every programmer made. Well known and universally use by major OEM standard products include the worlds largest variety of vertical, and horizontal display sockets. Complete custom socket capabilities. Designed, Manufactured and Located in the USA.

Test & Burn-in Sockets

Test & Burn-in Sockets

Test & Burn-in Info: Gallery and Capbilities
Test & Burn-in Sockets: Low and High frequency
Test And / Or Burn-in Sockets: From Bench test, burn-in to production
CSP Test Sockets: CSP Test Sockets
Selection Guide: Selection Guide & Data Sheet links
LGA Tests Sockets: LGA Tests Sockets
Long-Life Hi-Frequency RF Sockets for BGA, LGA, QFN, MLCC, µBGA and Bumped Die Devices: Production testing of devices, such as power amplifiers, mixers, highly integrated RF ICs, and microwave devices.
High Frequency RF Test Sockets: High Frequency RF Test Sockets
High Temperature Sockets: High Temperature Test Sockets
Staggered Row Mixed Pitch test sockets:
Kelvin Test Sockets:
BGA LGA CSP Test Sockets: or any SMT Device Test Sockets
Test & Burn-in Data Sheets & Test Reports Links:

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Correct-A-Chip Adapters

Correct-A-Chip Adapters

Correct-A-Chip Adapters
Think you need to Spin?? Think Correct-A-Chip Adapters instead.
What is a Correct-A-Chip?
Aries Correct-A-Chip Adapters Production and / or Prototype
Standard Adapters
ADAPTERS:Links to all Standard Adaptes & PDF Data Sheets
---Standard list
---Custom √ list

IC Modules: IC Modules Ruggedized COTS
Custom Correct-A-Chip
Think You have to spin a Board? Think Again! Think Custom Adapters

Aries Electronics Logo
Display Sockets
All Products
Distributor Training

Display Sockets
LED and LCD display sockets:
All Products: See the products and Get the Catalog
Aries Distributor Training: Intended For Aries Distributors use

Chupond America Logo
A manufacturer of high volume, highly cost effective, quality OEM sockets and connectors used by most major manufacturers. Specializing in High Volume, Low cost, Custom high volume low cost sockets from off shore. Although the name is not widely known, the products are in widespread use in many computer products and related products thoughout the world.

Chupond America, Inc: Home Page
For Production Volume Applications: IC Sockets, Adaptors and Interconnect Packaging devices for printed circuit boards , Standard and Custom.
Flash SPI Socket: Featured item 8 and 16 pin

High Volume, Low cost, Custom sockets from off shore: Tell us your appication requirements.

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Automated handling, testing, programming, & marking equipment for the packaged integrated circuit industry. Manufacturer of a wide variety of I.C. component handling & testing & marking equipment used in testing & programming of PLDs & other integrated circuits. Custom design, integration, testing. Designed and manufactured in the in California, USA. Since 1974. USA Government Supplier, Cage Code 49176

EXATRON Home Page:
Overview of all Exatron IC Handler products, Standard and Custom Integration. IC Handlers, Gravity Feed, Tape & Reel, Pick & Place, Marking Systems

Products overview: Overview of products and capabilities
Test Handlers Gallery: Test handler info

Pick and Place: Pick and Place Handler info

Loader / Unloader Burn-in Board IC Transfer Machine:

Laser Marking: IC Markers, Labelling Systems, Laser Marking, Vision Inspection Systems

Desktop Laser Markers:

Rotary Test Handlers: IC Testers, Programmers & Custom Integration

Gravity Feed Handlers: Gravity feed handlers

MEMS Test Handlers: MEMS device handlers and applications

Tape & Reel Handlers, Manual and Automatic: Tape and Reel, from desktop manual and automatic to fully integrated tape & Reel systems in all types of handlers

Serialization Handlers: Serialization of parts, no out of sequence, no missing, parts

High UPH Handlers: High units per hour units

Programmer Handlers: Programmers to suit your needs

Hot, Cold , Ambient, Controlled Ambient, Temperature Test Handlers: Temperature test handlers

MEMS Test Handlers: MEMS testing Hnadlers

HigH Precision devices Logo
High Precision Devices builds custom, one-of-a-kind "World Class" instruments & prototypes, & provides high-quality, small-volume manufacturing plus specialized standard products. HPD provides full service engineering and manufacturing specializing in precision mechanical instrumentation integrated with optics, cryogenics, electronics, vacuum & UHV. Located in Colorado, USA. United States Government Supplier, Cage Code: 3JNM0

High Precision Devices: Home Page
World Class Collaborative Physical Instrument Development. Medical • Semi-conductor • Telecom • Aerospace • Scientific.

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