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Exatron Rotary Test Handlers
Exatron Rotary Test Handler with Smart Bucket sorts
Exatron Rotary Handler, LED Test, Transfer, and 42 sort expandable to 126 sorts
Rotary Smart Bucket sort wheel
Rotary Linear Motor for smooth ultra precision
Exatron Rotary Handlers are quickly customized for any application by mixing and matching Exatron's proven building blocks to meet your exact needs. For example the above test handler has a bowl feed input and a smart bin buckets for out put. Any combination in inputs, tube, tray, bulk, Auer boat, pick and place handler, tape and reel, or connection to another process, etc., or similar out puts can be selected to match you needs. You can have the number test sites you need. Laser marking can be added, all types of inspections can be added, etc. The smart bucket outputs sort will tell you how many are in each bucket or what type. Plus they are electrically locked in place and are padlock capable. Linear motors are used for the wheels to give flawless ultra precision, speed, and longevity. The basic idea is you let us know your needs and we will design a similar machine to meet them, exactly. Contact us today, tell us you needs and we can build the machine for you that will not only be cost effective but outperform your expectation. Exatron Rotary handler designs can be designed for any need. They will be faster, better, and kit-less compared to anything else on the market. Time lost for change over is a thing of the past as Exatron uses software files for new parts not a pile of loose pieces. There is little if any mechanical change over required aside from maybe a tip or maybe a test socket. This saves a great deal of down time and it is simple to do. All Exaton machines are beautifully built to be mechanically simple with expert software doing the hard work. It takes a great deal of engineering design and know-how to build this way, but the end result is a more reliable machine that is easier to run and keep running in the field for many years to come. Exatron, since the beginning in 1974, supports every machine they have ever made, a statement that likely no other manufacturer can say. Exatron machines are in it for the long haul. The above machine is two handlers in one. Input and test handler and attached sort handler. This test handler transfers LEDs, test the output of each device, tracks the serial numbers, and sorts them according to quality in at least 42 sorts. This can be expanded with additional sort side handlers to 126 easily and in the filed should your volume and needs increase. Contact us today.
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