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Exatron 902 Temperature Test Handlers, & Tri -Temp Handlers with Chillers

Tri-Temperature Handler, Hot Cold & Ambient and controlled Ambient Tri-Temp Temperatures Test IC MEMS Handlers

- Exatron manufactures a wide variety of pick & place IC handlers with Hot, Cold, Ambient, and Controlled Ambient temperature testing, or any combination of temperature ranges for both lab use units and production units. Tri-temperature handlers are a specialty with Exatron. Exatron has developed virtually frost free standards. Add Lasers, Tubes, tape and reel, more trays, ask us.

The unit pictured on the right utilizes a Lauda-Brinkman Chiller. Exatron integrates chillers from only the finest chillers on the market for the best performance. Typical temperatures from -80C to +300C plus more are available. Standard testing at hot test to 155° C, Up to 300° C, -20° C with thermo-electric cooling, -55° C with fluid cooling.

Temperatures are typically tested from the top of the device on the board and this is fine for 90% of all applications, however, if you need 100%, consistent, absolute, repeatable temperatures, with no micro temperature gradient, such as in critical MEMS applications, oscillator, or Military applications, then Exatron has an answer for that also. We will be happy to show you this unique capability. Contact us with your needs.

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Typical Exatron 900 series tri-temperature pick and place IC handler


Exatron's new game changing

Wide Temperature Range Single Thermal Head IC Test Handler Technology

brings to the market a compact, No Fluid, No Frost, conduction heating and cooling system with a minimum range of -55C to +155C range all in one Single Head and all internal to the handler. This is available in new handlers, and can be retrofitted into most existing handlers. The Heating and Cooling testing future is now here.

Powerful New Hot/Cold Combination Test Head
-55 C to +155 C minimum range.
+/-0.5 C temperature control.
Conduction heating.
No fluid required.
Thermal head makes direct contact with DUT and test socket.
Type T thermocouple mounted in thermal head.
Built-in top side purge air cover.
No frost buildup during cold testing.
Built-in cold source.
Built-in resistive AC heaters.
Software-controlled temperature, soak timer, ramps,and calibration.
Easily integrates into new and existing Exatron Pick and Place and Rotary Handlers.

Wide Range Thermal Head (WRTH)

Mini Thermal HandlerThermal Desktop Dut top workstation forced air

Mini Handler with thermal

- Exatron ATE does its own on-site fabrication, design, documentation, builds its own computers, services its equipment world wide, and can support everything Exatron ever made. Exatron provides hard working, masterfully designed & manufactured, reasonably priced equipment, beautifully crafted to match your exact needs & applications.

- Serving the worlds market from San Jose California, USA, Since 1974. Exatron, the most respected name in Computer Controlled Handlers.

Exatron Tri-Temperature Handler Hot Col Ambient Test handlers USA Exatron Thermal Heads Hot Cold Ambient Test handlers
- Have Exatron build your next machine that suits your needs exactly, not the other way around. Tell us what you need and be prepared to be amazed.

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Exatron Thermal Heads Hot Test handlers Exatron Test handlers Thermal Heads Hot Cold Ambient
Patented No Temperature Gradient test head
Shown at right:

Typical Exatron 8000-5

Tri-temperature thermal head Pick and Place handler, featuring 5 trays and stackers with x, y, and z travel pick up head, with embedded Lauda Chiller inside of the main enclosure, -55C to +40C, with docking plate for tester mounting.

Temperature Test handler IC Pick and place Exatron
Test handler shown with cover closed, click image for open view
- Have Exatron build your next machine that suits your needs exactly, not the other way around. Tell us what you need and be prepared to be amazed.

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Lauda chill inside of test handler
test handler pick and place up head
Lauda Chiller embeded back of Tri temp Hot Cold Ambient Temperature test handler
X Y Z Pick and place Test head
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