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Exatron Tape & Reel Tapers:

Exatron designs and manufactures their own Tape and Reel machines, Tapers in the USA.

This insures the highest quality in the industry and Exatron

Tapers, Tape and Reel machines, are backed and fully supported by Exatron.

Tape and Reel machines, Tapers are available from Desktop Tape and Reel tapers and Table Top Tapers, with, or without, automation and cameras, both PSA and Heat Seal style.

Tape and Reel Tapers are also integrated into lab use, or full production Exatron automated handlers.

At right are a few examples.

Contact us today with your needs.

Exatron Programmer Tape and Reel Exatron handler Elnec Xeltek Dataman

Tape and  Reel camera vision Exatron Q Keyence Corp

Exatron Manual Tape and Reel Taper with Vision Q Corp alternative QMT Dual Track V-Tek Replacement Help service contact
Exatron 1010-E Manual Tape and Reel Machine Taper with Vision, Designed & Made in the USA
Exatron Tape and Reel Q Pick and Place tube feed vision QMT
Exatron 1020 Pick & Place Automatic Tube feed Tape & Reel Machine Taper shown with Vision
Exatron tape and reel tube feed with automatic hot sealling
Exatron tape and reel tube feed with automatic hot sealling
Exatron Manual Taper with PSA
Exatron Taper Control Box for Manual Taper
Exatron die pick and place die handler with lead forming inspection testing vision stackers tray to Jedec tray at to tape and reel
Exatron 1010 1020 Tape & Reel camera
Exatron 800 Series Handler with dual Taper Output Exatron 902 Series Handler with Tape In & Out
Exatron tape and reel tube feed with automatic hot sealling
Tape & Bowl In Electrical Test Sort
Exatron 900 Series Pick & Place with 202 Taper Exatron Automated Tube in Taper with Heat Seal
Test Handler manufacturers Exatron IC test ATE automatic test equipment USA high UPH

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