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IC Modules
Aries Electronics delivers complete custom IC modules to meet your requirements.
Aries IC Modules:
- Any Pinout

( BGA, SMT, Through Hole, LGA, etc.)

......."quicker time to market"
- Any Components
....... "reduced footprint in your engineering dept."
- Any Net List
Ruggedized COTS
applications & Military applications
........"newest patented technologies"
........"cost effective, plus Aries Experience & Expertise"
- Aries Electronics can provide you with a complete plug in, or solder down, assembly ready-to-go, all-in-one-package as part of your new design, or as an adapter to an existing design.

- Also great for Ruggedized COTS & Military applications

- Fast, Consistent, Cost Effective and On-Time.

- You can supply the component parts, or Aries can supply the component parts. Modules can be panelized or separate.

- Aries employs the very latest technologies including Aries patented "Limited Depth Pins" which allows for very small footprints in new designs, or so your new adapter-module can fit in the space of whatever it is replacing, even with new added components.

"Amazing products for todays fast paced market".
"Aries, a world leader in IC modules, has the experience to back it up."

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RoHS Compliant
Non-RoHS compliant available
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