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The Exatron:

Smart Queue Serialization System

- This machine is a great example of the wide range of capability, ingenuity, and specialization Exatron brings to the IC device handler industry to meet your exact needs.

- This machine moves and transfers from tray to tape 8 devices at a time at about 2000 units per hour, UPH, while it programs an internal electrical ID and marks with external laser mark ID in 100% perfect serialized order with no missing, no double, or out of order numbers, and no empty tape pockets. All with no UPH hit even with a 1% device failure rate! Serialized 100%!

- Let Exatron build your next machine that suits your needs exactly, not the other way around. Tell us what you need and be prepared to be amazed.

Exatron Model 901 Smart Queue Serialization System
Exatron Serialization Smart Queue IC device handler automatic test pick and place
- Exatron does its own on-site design, fabrication, documentation, software, and even builds its own computers. Exatron services its equipment world wide, and can support everything Exatron ever made. Exatron provides hard working, masterfully designed and made, reasonably priced computer controlled equipment, beautifully designed to match your exact needs & applications. This particular machine above features as shown:
- 32 programming sites.
- 8 verify sites.
- 2 quad pickups,
- 4 inch waffle packs output,
- Rofin Powerline Prime 15 Laser Marker,
- top side and tape pocket inspection cameras,
- bottom side 2D inspection ready and tube output
- ready and handlesTSOP,and multiple QFN devices. - All with only a 15 mintue change out time.
- Exatron Equipment, always Made in the USA,
Always in Silicon Valley, Ca.,
Since 1974.
Sold & Serviced World Wide.

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