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Designed & Made in the USA since 1974, Sold an Serviced World Wide, Kitless, Computer Controlled, Custom from Proven Standard Building Blocks.
"Engineering things of beauty"

Gallery Site Map: A sampling of the variety of the thousands of Exatron Test Handlers in service world wide. Exatron builds to suit your needs, not the other way around
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test handler lead former
Test Handler Serialization
Test Handler - Electrical Test, Tape Bowl feed in
Test Handler -Magazine in, Inspection, stacker out
Test Handler - Electrical test dual inspection Laser marker
 desktop laser marker, Keyence, Rofin
Test Handler - Gravity Feed
test handler, tri temp, temperature
Test Rotary Handler- Bowl Feed Test Inspection Sort
Test Handler - Laser Mark
Test Handler - Inspection, Laser Ready, kit-less Pick & Place Handler High UPH
Test Handler - Mems test weld assembler
Test Handler - Rotary Inspection, 68 LED Sort
Test Handler - Sort Stack Transfer
Test Handler with Tape In & Out
Test Handler - Gravity Feed
Test Handler - Exatron 900 series Laser Marker
MEMS Test Handler Vacuum Exatron
MEMS Test Handler Pressure Exatron
Test Handler - Gravity Feed ATE Automatic tests systems
Test Handler - Tape & Bowl In Electrical Test Sort
Exatron handler Laser Marker Magazine in and Out
Exatron tape and reel tube feed with automatic hot sealling
Exatron tape and reel tube feed automatic hot sealling, tape & reel,
Exatron Manual TableTop Tapers, Tape and Reel
Test Handler - Exatron 900 Series Pick & Place with 202 Taper
Exatron Desktop Green Keyence Laser Marker
drawer load quick change Tabletop Desktop laser marker small, table top desk, lab use, lab, low cost, low production, small production, laser enclosure, quick delivery, red, green, yag, c02 1064 532 332 metal plastic ceramic glass mark engrave obliterate weld solder cut, stock, off the shelf, in stock,
Test Handler - Exatron 900 series Laser Marker

- Have Exatron build your next machine that suits your needs exactly, not the other way around.

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Exatron equipment, always Made in the USA, in Silicon Valley, Since 1974. Sold & Serviced World Wide.
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