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Exatron Laser Marking Handlers: Exatron designs and manufactures a wide variety of Laser Marking Handlers.

Exatron Integrates Lasers and works with any Laser vendor of your choice, such as Keyence and Rofin, just to name a few. You can tell us your preferred laser vendor or we can recommend the best laser for your application requirements and needs. Exatron has Laser experts on site. At one time Exatron even made their own lasers so the expertise runs deep at Exatron.

Laser marking machines can be from small manual desktop laser markers, to fully automated lab use, or full production volume laser marking machines, and everything in between. Laser mark tools can be integrated with any Exatron pick and place handler, rotary handler, gravity feed handler, with testing, camera vision, sorting, packaging, etc. handler requirements. Ask us today for a quote on your needs.

Exatron Handlers and laser marking enclosures are designed and made in the USA since 1974. Contact us today.

Exatron laser marker handler with stackers tray feed with Rofin Laser
Exatron 900 series Laser Marker
Exatron 1900 series Rofin Laser Marker
Exatron laser marker with inspection of ICs and laser mark
Exatron 900 series Laser Marker
Exatron 8000 series Laser Marker Magazine load
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Exatron Desktop Green Keyence Laser Marker Exatron Desktop Laser Marker with Keyence Laser Mark drawer with insert customized for your parts
Exatron Rotary Larser Marker Custom Tooling Exatron Rotary Larser Marker Enclosure Exatron Rotary Larser Marker System
Exatron Rotary Larser Marker Custom Tooling
Exatron Rotary Larser Marker Enclosure
Exatron Rotary Larser Marker System
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