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A Gallery of the wide variey of just some of Exatron's limitless configurations.
Exatron Pick and Place Handlers: Exatron Pick and Place Handlers: Exatron designs and manufactures a wide variety of Pick and Place Handlers to suit your exact needs.

Since 1974 Exatron has developed a number of time proven building blocks. These building blocks, together with integrated components such as cameras, lasers, bowl feeders, test equipment, etc,. can be arranged in countless ways to build the exact machine that fits your needs. Exatron machines fit your needs, not the other way around.

Exatron provides beautifully made, reasonably priced, equipment from very standard basic models to complete custom applications, over every industry, electronics, M2M, military with cage code, commercial, medical, industrial, aerospace, and more. Exatron Handlers can perform any number of tasks from small prototype runs and / or lab use, to medium and high volume production applications. Exatron machines pick & place, test, sort, package, tape, de-tape, laser mark, transfer, pressure test, temperature test, electrical test, and do virtually every handling need in the industry.

Base models such as the 900 series suite small to medium volume and lab use, and 8000 series suite medium to high volume production and / or very specialized needs such as extremely small parts, ultra precision accuracy and more by incorporating linear motors and stackers and the like. Pick & Place machines can be incorporated with Exatron rotary handlers for any need. Vision, optics, pressure, MEMS, M2M, temperature Hot Cold and Ambient can be on the same machine with state of the art accuracy.

Exatron builds essentially kitless handlers saving you massive amounts of time money and repairs. Exatron are masters at computer controlled machinery as the heart of Exatron computers is the software. Exatron machines are the most versatile on the market as the software allows such things as kitless operation when switch device sizes, for example. This also enables diagnostics and repairs in the field done remotely from the factory in minutes without cost time and travel expenses.

Exatron supports every machine Exatron has ever made, and there is no other company that can claim this this remarkable feat. Exatron equipments is designed and manufactured in the USA, In San Jose California and has been making masterfully designed equipment since its inception in 1974. Over 80% of Exatron's business are multiple repeat customers.

Exatron equipment can be found in the worlds most renowned companies, big and small. Let us build An Exatron machine for your company. Contact us today.

Exatron IC Handler Custom Pick & Place Die Former & Inspection
Exatron led handler Pick and Place with Rotary Handler & large sort
Custom Pick & Place Die Former & Inspection
Exaron Ping Pong Electrical Test Sort Stack Transfer Handler
Exatron IC Device handler Tape & Bowl In Electrical Test Sort input out put
Ping Pong Electrical Test Sort Stack Transfer
Exatron Handler Custom Magazine In Inspection Stacker Tray Out
Exatron Handler Hot Cold Ambient Test Tray & Tube Transfer
Custom Magazine In Inspection Stacker Tray Out
Exatron handler Laser Marker Magazine in and Out
Exatron handler Laser Marker Dual Inspection Electrical Test
Exatron Manual TableTop Tapers, Tape and Reel Exatron Gravity Feed Handlers Exatron Compact tabletop destop laser marker with Keyence Laser
Also Manual TableTop Tapers, Tape and Reel Also Desktop Laser Markers

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