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Get a Custom "Correct-A-Chip" Quote : Checklist
Aries Electronics IC adapter Correct-a-Chip IC module chip on board smt th adapter chip board
Think you have to "SPIN" a board???
Think Again..........

Think Aries "Correct-A-Chip Adapter™"

Hi, "Aries can makabout any adapter you need.

You Can Have:
- Any Footprint to any Footprint.
- Any Pin to Pin.
- Any Termination style to any style.
- Additional components added if needed.
- Small, Medium, or Large Quantities.(10 pieces to 10 million+)
- Quote in about a day.
- 15 to 20 Working Days or less delivery.

Basically we just need the two footprints involved, the pin to pin net list and the quantity you require to get started. (Items 1,2,3 and 8 below.)

Please see the checklist below for any other additional items that may apply to your application. It is a simple and quick process and cost effective in about 85% of all inquirys.
-- Email or call me today. I am glad to work with you at any time.
" Thanks, Larsen Associates

Your Problem Solved Quickly & Cost Effectively

Get A Quote: Checklist Versions: HTML Checklist, PDF Checklist,
Get a Custom "Correct-A-Chip" Quote  /  CHECKLIST
Please email the following information to me. ( Adobe Acrobat PDF files for drawings and data sheets if possible)
Phone 650 358-9559, Fax: (NOTE: Call me to activate fax if needed: 650 358-0922)
Information to send:

footprint of the device
Drawing or sketch or Data Sheet or URL of the footprint of the device indicating dimensions, details, and if this is a through hole or surface mount part. ( The factory will work from your supplied drawing. Aries can provide "smart connector" solutions regardless of termination style or styles.)

footprint of the board layout
Drawing or sketch or or Data Sheet or URL  of the footprint of the board layout and indicate if this is a through hole or a surface mount board.

 pin to pin connection
NET list
Drawing or sketch  of the pin to pin connection. (What pin goes to what pin. You can have any pin to pin connection you want.)

additional components
Details on any items such as power and ground planes and on-board bypass capacitors or other components and if you intend to have Aries purchase the additional components or if you intend too supply Aries with them. (You can have any additional components added as required)

Aries mounts the device 
you mount the device
Please indicate if you want Aries to mount the device or if you wish to mount the device. This is available for most but not all devices.

device mounted 
directly to adapter
socketed to the adapter
Please indicate , as applicable,  if you want to have the device mounted directly to the adapter or socketed and the socket mounted to the adapter.

adapter mounts to your board
A.) Adapter surface mounted to the board
B.) Adapter plugs into a socket on the board
C.) Adapter through hole mounts to the board

annual quantity to quote
Please indicate the quantity of the adapters you want us to quote including: (minimum 10, max unlimited)
A.) Prototype quantities as applicable.
B.) Pre-production quantities as applicable.
C.) Production quantities as applicable.
D.) Estimated annual usage applicable.

special considerations
List any special or unusual considerations, such as space restrictions, unusual temperatures, etc.

delivery requirements
List any delivery requirements. 15 to 20 working days is normally standard however it can be less to fit your needs.

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