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Larsen Associates Electronics Manufacturers Rep Representatives Northern California  Silicon Valley Nevada

Larsen Associates Electronics Manufacturers Representatives of Silicon Valley, California, USA
Technical Electronics Sales Representation & Marketing Services - Silicon Valley Based - World Markets Served ™
Semiconductor, Medical, Aerospace, Scientific, Commercial, and Military sectors.

"Thank you for your interest in Larsen Associates"

"We are glad to discuss your needs. We review and discuss all inquiries to determine if it would be a good fit for both our companies and customer bases and / or make recommendations or give you referrals to other possible Reps".


- Traditional Representation Services:

Larsen Associates can provide traditional commissioned, exclusive territory based representation, locally in Northern California Silicon Valley Ca., and Northern Nevada.

- Sales Reps at Large

Also, as our internet reach is worldwide, Larsen Associates can also provide expanded coverage anywhere. This can be regional, national, or international coverage and / or provide coverage in multiple territories, and / or overlay and augment your current coverage . We frequently work with customers in Europe in the morning, USA during the day, and Asia in the evening: its an expanded world and we have been on-line since 1996.

- Sales and Marketing Services:

Larsen Associates can also provide other Sales and Marketing Services.
These can be non-traditional, such as non-exclusive and / or non-territory based.

Sales and Marketing Services can be in conjunction with, or in augmentation of, your current way you go to market. They can be fee, or commissioned, based.

Sales and Marketing Services can include the following to augment your sales efforts.
-- Full Market-Wide Qualified Lead Generation / Opportunity and / or RFQ Presentation.
-- Greatly Increased Industry Web presence with inclusion in our very well indexed web site.
-- Exposure of your line to the industry in the field to our wide current customer base.
-- Inclusion in our electronic and / or media Sales Prospecting Campaigns.

- Referral / Recommendation Service:

We see a lot of different projects over a wide range of technological companies involving a variety of components and services. Our customer base frequently asks for recommendations and / or a referral for specific items. We maintain a list of companies of manufacturers and of services, in which we have confidence, to refer to our customers. Customers are generally from the Semiconductor, Medical, Aerospace, Scientific, and Military sectors.

Since our customers trust our judgement, experience and recommendations, your qualification to be on our list is that you:
- Be of high quality in your field
- Provide timely, quality service to your customers
- Have a history of delivering on time.
- Be honest people.

We welcome you to be included. If you wish to be included on this list, please let us know and we will be happy to review this with you. Once you are on the list, you can choose to be either included on, or off, our website.
- Please let us know if we can refer and recommend you today.

- Or - A Custom Tailored Solution:

We can also get creative and tailor make a combination solution that is a good fit for all.

"Contact Us Today and get the ball rolling"

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