ARIES ELECTRONICS / LARSEN ASSOCIATES "Aries, the world leader in Spring Probe Test & Burn-In Socket Technology"
Chip Scale Test & Burn-In Sockets Test & Burn-In of Any SMT Device! CSP BGA LGA QFN DSP SRAM DRAM Flash Devices, etc.
4 point crown style tips are used for BGA ball or bump devices, wheras sharp tip pins are used for devices with flat contacts such as LGA, PQFP, SOIC, QFN, etc. PC board wear is virtually zero as springs are designed always compressed to the board. The springs are reliable to >500,000 cycles. Snap in, field replaceable, fully loaded, Interposers are available as spares.
CSP Spring Probe Family: for any pitch .2 mm and up for surface mount device, any SMT footprint, standard or staggered or mixed pitch, or any configuration.
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Typical Cross Section of an Aries CSP Socket showing BGA Spring Probes in Interposer. Crown BGA and Pointed LGA probes shown for comparrison.
Typical Crown Tip & Pointed Tip Spring Probes, showing each, Left to Right, uncompressed not mounted, mounted on a PC board and compressed, mounted on a PC board with device in the socket.
Typical Aries CSP Socket, (23018 style) showing crown tip probes for BGA contact inside of the socket, and compression springs on bottom to contact PCB pads.
Kelvin Spring Probes. A Kelvin contact can be made using either two standard spring probes with pointed tips, or with the dual Kelvin probes with slanted tips shown.
Aries Spring Probes
Avaiable From 0.3 mm Pitch and Up.
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Test & Burn-in Sockets

Aries Spring Probes.
Typical Specification:

Electrical Contact: Surface Mount Compression Spring Probes, No Soldering.
Signal Path: As short as 0.077"/ 1.95 mm.
Operating Temp: -55C to +150C
Insertions: >500,000 cycles
Self Inductance: 0.51nH
Bandwidth: Up to 18.5GHz
Contact Resistance: <70 millioms
Current: tested to 2 Amps
More Info:
Sockets Under 1 GHz
Sockets Over I GHz
Test Rports

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