Chip Scale Test & Burn-In Sockets Test & Burn-In of Any SMT Device! CSP BGA LGA QFN DSP SRAM DRAM Flash Devices, etc.
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Typical 23016 style CSP Test Socket with Screw Down removeable Lid showing Optical Access lid, solid lid, and heat sink lid. Other options to suit. Any Footprint, any SMT device, Spring probes any pitch .3 mm and up.
Quartz glass window for 100% of the top of the DUT to be optically exposed for testing. 98% transmission rate. Window & lens available in glass, sapphire, & plastic. Available filters for UV, infrared and full spectrum applications.Footprint matches the 23017/24008 sockets. Testing for sensor or standard chip type using an infrared heat sensor.
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Typical CSP Test Socket with Optical Access Double Latch Removable Lid.

Typical CSP Test Socket with Optical Access Screw Down Removable Lid .
Typical CSP Test Socket with 9.5 mm Optical or Access hole with clamshell lid
Typical Drawing of CSP Test Socket with Optical Access Double Latch Removable Lid. An Aries Spring Probes test socket.
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Test & Burn-in Sockets

When you need optical access to your device or an access hole in the lid, the Aries 23016 series of sockets easily provide large openings to suit your needs. Lid options include and open lid, solid lid, heat sink lid, cooling and or heating head, or just about any lid you need. These machined sockets utilize Aries patented spring probes from .2 mm pitch and up in any footprint, including mixed pitch, staggered pitch, etc. for any SMT device, from LGA to BGA etc. We also have Clamshell Style optical access sockets.
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