Chip Scale Test & Burn-In Sockets Test & Burn-In of Any SMT Device! CSP BGA LGA QFN DSP SRAM DRAM Flash Devices, etc.
"Aries, the world leader in Spring Probe Test & Burn-In Socket Technology"
Chip Scale Test Socket Test & Burn-In of CSP, MicroBGA, QFN, DSP, LGA, SRAM, DRAM, PQFP, Flash Devices, etc. Any SMT Device! Now available .2mm pitch and up, Spring Probe Test Sockets From Under 1GHz, to 18.5 Ghz
The ADJUSTABLE Chip Scale Test Socket: Freedom of Range for different device thickness options, or device fragility.
Socket for up to 27 mm size devices shown.

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Sockets for up to 13 mm size devices shown
For prototypes of a chip under development that will always have the same footprint, but may have the thickness of the package vary until the design is firmed up, or have a requirement to apply minimum force, and no more, such as with fragile ceramic chips or very thin devices.

Aries has developed a way of making the depth of the pressure pad adjustable, using a micrometer adjustment. This ability to incrementally add force to achieve a good connection without fear of cracking or bending a fragile device, such as a ceramic chip or a thin device, or when dealing with variable thickness issues, is a great way to only apply the minimum force to get the connection and no more.

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