Chip Scale Test & Burn-In Sockets Test & Burn-In of Any SMT Device! CSP BGA LGA QFN DSP SRAM DRAM Flash Devices, etc.
"Aries, the world leader in Spring Probe Test & Burn-In Socket Technology"
- The heart of the Aries CSP Socket Family is the custom Interposer that contains the Spring Probes, Shown here snapped out of the molded socket housing. Roll Over small images to View Larger Images.
- The Interposer is a field replaceable set of Spring probes, designed to fit your exact SMT device footprint. A full array is shown for illustration purposes, but can be any SMT device from 0.3 mm pitch and up.
- The interposer is shown snapped in place. A set of Spring Probes is good up to 500,000 cycles. They can be ordered at any time to renew / repair your socket.
- The Interposer part number is the socket part number with "CIP" suffix. No NRE! No molding charge! A small set up fee only. 20 working days delivery is standard. Quicker delivery may be available.
- The interposer is a sandwich construction with precision drilled holes to multiple depths to contain the spring probes. See Gallery 5 for a cutaway view.
- Interposer bottom view shows the compression mount springs that surface mount to your board. No soldering. Hold down, & alignment pins locations are standard, device to fit your needs.
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Test & Burn-in Sockets

- All of the Aries molded body test sockets are made with standard body sizes with Aries standard mechanical hold down and alignment pin patterns. All feature a custom Interposer, which contains the spring probes, made to your exact SMT device footprint, from 0.3 mm pitch and up including mixed and / or staggered pitch, basically any SMT footprint pattern. This concept save you the large labor cost of a fully machined socket and gives you the highest performance and the lowest industry cost. The socket life cycles were tested to 500,000 cycles. The replaceable interposer gives you the ability to replace damaged pins at any time, or add another 500,000 cycles, easily and quickly. See Gallery 5 for details of the Spring Probes and a cutaway side view of the interposer sandwich construction.
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