Chip Scale Test & Burn-In Sockets Test & Burn-In of Any SMT Device! CSP BGA LGA QFN DSP SRAM DRAM Flash Devices, etc.
"Aries, the world leader in Spring Probe Test & Burn-In Socket Technology"
RF CSP Socket Family: 5 molded bodies with custom machined interiors for any surface mount device, any SMT footprint, with Spring probes any pitch .3 mm and up.
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For RF devices from less than 1 mm up to 6.5 mm

For RF devices from 6.6 mm up to 13 mm
For RF devices from 14 mm up to 27 mm
For RF devices from 28 mm up to 40 mm
For RF devices from 40 mm up to 55 mm
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Test & Burn-in Sockets

This is Aries Electronics family of 5 CSP RF High Frequency Test and Burn-in sockets with standard molded bodies that accommodate all device sizes from less than 1 mm up to 55 mm square, and any surface mount configuration. This page shows the family of socket for devices between less than 1 mm up to 55 mm in size, with pitches as small as .2 mm and up. For Any SMT device or footprint including staggered or even mixed pitch. The most advanced test socket on the market. Bodies are molded. The interposer with spring probes, guides, & pressure pad are machined to fit your exact device. (500,000 cycles and up to 18.5GHz, self inductance 0.51nH and signal paths as short as 0.077") Email your device drawing & quantity needed, & we will send price & delivery info quickly. Contact Us Today
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