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Test & Burn-in Sockets
Chip Scale Test Sockets <1Ghz to 18.5 GHz
Test socket, Burn-in socket, CSP, BGA, LGA, QFN,QFP, MLF, DFN, SSOP, TSSOP, TSOP, SOP, SOIC, LCC, PLCC, TO, SMT, PGA, Ball grid Array, Land Grid array, Micro, Micro BGA, µBGA, Bump-Array, Test & burn in, Spring Probe, probe, pogo, pin, Aries, Larsen Associates, Chip, Integrated Circuit, IC sockets

Smallest IC Test Socket and IC Burn-in Socket for any smt device from less than 1mm up to 6.5mm.


ic test sockets IC burn-in sockets
IC Test Sockets and Burn-in Sockets
For Low Frequency applications and High Frequency applicatiions.
Semiconductor Test Sockets and Burn-in Sockets, Standard and Custom
Any size avaiable for any device, ask us.
IC Test Sockets and Burnin Sockets for Any SMT Device
1mm to 55mm package styles from .2 mm pitch and up

Test Sockets for ANY style of surface mount device
smallest test socketTest sockets, Burn-in socket, CSP, BGA, LGA, QFN,QFP, MLF, DFN, SSOP, TSSOP, TSOP, SOP, SOIC, LCC, PLCC, TO, SMT, PGA, Ball grid Array, Land Grid array, Micro, Micro BGA, µBGA, Bump-Array, Test & burn in, Spring Probe, probe, pogo, pin, Aries, Larsen Associates, Chip, Integrated Circuit, IC sockets
A family of test sockets and / or burnin sockets covering any surface mount device from less than 1 mm up to 55 mm. Other sizes avaiable. Low or high speed RF. Molded or fully machined, standard and custom sockets.


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BGA and LGA Sockets Standard & Custom
Proto & Production
"Aries, the world leader in BGA and LGA Socket Technology"

Get the full picture, See: The Aries Test Socket Gallery of Images & Information

Got Heat? One of Many Modifications that can be done, Just ask: Heat Slug Air Flow Vented Test socket modification - Gallery 9

Protect-A-Probe™ ADG Coating to Lessen/Eliminate Probe Cleaning

Test Data and Data Sheets

More RF TEST SocketsOver 1 GHZ and up

- High Frequency
- High Speed RF Test Sockets
- Up to 40GHz
- RF High Performace,
- High frequency Test Sockets,
- Standard or Custom
machined custom IC high frequency RF test socketsdouble latch machined custom IC high frequency RF test socketsHigh frequency RF IC test sockets
A wide variety of High Speed RF fully machined or molded IC semiconductor test sockets and burn-in sockets to suit your application.

- For any SMT Device! -.2 mm pitch & up- - Low or High Frequency,-Standard & Custom
CSP BGA, LGA, RF, ZIF, QFN, SOIC, TSSOP, DFN, PQFP, MLF, µBGA, Micro BGA, DSP, LGA, SRAM, DRAM, Bump-Array, QFN, QFP, MLF, DFN, SSOP, Flash Devices, TSOP, SOP, LCC, PLCC, TO, RF, ZIF and Any Surface Mount smt Package Style with leads or without Leads plus most PGA packaged devices.
Test sockets high frequencytest socket elastomer

RF TEST Sockets Over 1 GHZ and up

IC Adapters "Correct-A-Chip™"

- Think you need to "SPIN" your board?
- Think Aries "Correct-A-Chip" Adapters Instead!
Aries Electronics IC adapter Correct-a-Chip IC module chip on board smt th adapter chip board
Aries Electronics Custom IC Adapters, Correct-a-Chip®, IC module chip on board, COB, Surface Mount SMT or Through Hole Adapters. Highly ruggedized, patented limited depth pins allows new device to fit inside previous footprint and even add components and add circuitry and re-route for any pin translation you want. Notice, no pins protruding on top. 15 to 20 working days.

Aries Electronics Custom IC Adapters
"Your Problem Solved Quickly and Cost Effectively""Correct-A-Chip" ADAPTERS

You Can Have:
•Any Footprint To Any Footprint.
•Any Pin To Pin
•Any Termination style To Any Style
•Additional components added
•Small, Medium or Large volume
•In about 20 working days or less!

"quicker time to market"
"reduced footprint in your engineering dept."
"newest patented technologies"
"cost effective, plus Aries Legendary Experience & Expertise"

What is a Correct-A-Chip? Show Me
Standard & Custom
Proto & Production

Checklist .html or Checklist .pdf

Correct-A-Chip Checklist / Quote Get a quote 24hrs+/-

List of Standard "Correct-A-Chip" (one to one pin out, mostly)

Custom "Correct-A-Chip" ( any pin out, terminations,or footprints,)

New! Custom Breakout Boards for IC test sockets

High Temperature IC Test Sockets and Burn-in Sockets Sockets
Hi temperature IC Test socket Burn-in sockets
High-Temperature, up to 200°C, IC Test sockets & IC Burn-in Test Sockets

High-Temperature, 200°C to 300°C, IC Test sockets & Burn-in Test Sockets
High Temp Universal DIP Test SocketHigh Temp high frequency RF Test socketHigh Temp Universal PGA ZIF Test Socket
More Low frequency and High Frequency High Temperatiure Test Sockets and High Temp Burn-in sockets up to 300C, standard and custom.

LED, LCD Display Sockets
LWS LCD elevated display sockets horizontal vertical
Aries has the worlds largest selection of Standard Vertical, Horizontal, and Elevated Led LCD Display Sockets. Aries also makes Custom Display Sockets to suit our needs, incluing smt and for tape and reel auto insertion, ask us.

Universal ZIF DIP Test Sockets
Universal DIP zero insertion force display socket 300 centers 600 centers
Aries Universal ZIF DIP Test sockets are used in most of the worlds finest programmers and have been the proven leading Universal DIP Test Socket in tthe industry for many years. Accepts both 300 and 600 devices on either 300 or 600 centers, your choice, plus optional handle designs.

High Temp ZIF Test Sockets

High-Temp (up to 300°C) Universal DIP ZIF Burn-in & Test Sockets – accepts devices on 0.300 to 0.600 [7.62 to 15.24] centers in packages from 24- thru 48-pin

BGA Fan Out Adaptors
BGA Fan Out adapters
Switch-A-Pitch Adapters from Aries Electronics Enable Use of Smaller Pitch Devices with More Cost-effective, Larger Pitch Boards

Long-Life Hi-Frequency Sockets for BGA, LGA, QFN, MLCC, µBGA and Bumped Die Devices

Elastomer long life high performance test socket

Significant improvements to our high-performance contact system. Using our proven Interposer Elastomer Technology, the new CORE feature internally controls compression to ensure stability with extremely low resistance values and much longer contact element life.
Elastomer technology Test socket

Breakout Boards with IC Test socket, Custom to your needs.Breakout Board Test Fixture IC Test socket
Custom Aries Breakout Boards and Test Fixtures for IC test sockets

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