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Exatron Model 8000-3 & 5 Pick & Place Handler:
This is just one possibility for an 8000 series, we will build yours to suit your exact needs.

Model 8000 3 &5 PicK & Place Handler

Model 8000 3 &5 PicK & Place Handler
Pick and Place Handler Exatron

Model 8000 3 &5 PicK & Place Handler
Two Inspection sites before & after laser marking

Laser marking & inspection at one site
Hot, Cold & Ambient thermal test heads

Two directional test head

3 direction go anywhere heads & camera

Dual pickup heads with infinite rotation

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Model 8000-3 & 5 Production Pick & Place Handlers
Two to five JEDEC in/out tray stackers. Mix and Match trays & waffle packs. Tray/tape/die feeder input; tray/tape output. One or two pickup cars; up to 16 pickup nozzles. Multiple RF test sites; up to 16 memory test sites. GUI Windows-based control software. Software for remote service & software updates. Lift-off doors with latches. Stand-alone welded steel frame; fully enclosed; interlocked. EMO switches, Run & Halt buttons front & back. Rack-mounted PC with easy-to-find replacement components. CDRH Class 1 windows with laser option. Digital linear and servo motors for precise component handling. ESD-safe & CE Mark. Options: Multiple pickup heads. 3-directional pickup heads. Movable test sites. Hot cold ambient testing, +155C to -55C. MEMS testing. 2D 3D inspection. Laser marking weldiing ablation. Large test head. Custom large test heads & sites. Docking hardware.
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