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BGA Fan Out Adapters

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"Switch-A-Pitch" BGA Fan Out Adaptors
Switch-A-Pitch Adapters from Aries Electronics Enable Use of Smaller Pitch Devices with More Cost-effective, Larger Pitch Boards
These innovative adapters can reduce high density interconnect (HDI) construction by adapting smaller pitch devices to larger footprints. In essence, the adapters allow the use of new, tighter pitch devices on existing larger pitch designs – which vastly lowers the PCB cost, since larger pitch boards are readily available and therefore more economical.
To obtain a quote for the exact adaptor you need, please Contact Us with the following information:

1.) Your Name, Company name, Phone Number
2.) A drawing or datasheet of the IC device to be placed on adapter (top image)
3.) A drawing or datasheet of the target footprint for the adaptor (bottom image)
4.) A list of any other design parameters or restrictions that must be considered
5.) The quantity of adapters to be quoted

We should have a quotation for you in a day.

• Reduce HDI construction by adapting smaller pitch devices to larger footprints
• Convert 0.4mm and 0.5mm pitch footprints to 1mm or 1.27mm pitch (Please contact factory for other pitch requirements)
• Enable the use of standard line and trace spacing
• Eliminate the need for laster-drilled microvias motherboards
• Board Material: 0.062" thick FR4 or Rogers 370 HR, with 1/2-oz. Copper traces, both sides
• Pads: finished with ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold), NSMD
• Solder Spheres: 63/37 Sn/Pb or Lead-free SAC 305
• Trace width/space down to 0.003" [0.75mm]
• Operating Temperature: 221°F [105°C] FR4, 266°F [130°C] Lead-free
• Suggested PCB Pad Size: 0.022" [0.55mm] for 1.27mm pitch; 0.020" [0.50mm] for 1.00mm pitch

Download DATA SHEET# 18106

Since the top of the adapter board can leave open space around the small device, adapter manufacturers can add components to the design at a very low cost. The need for laser-drilled microvias on motherboards is eliminated. Standard line and trace spacing down to 0.003” (0.75 mm) can be used.

Switch-A-Pitch adapters are available in panelized form, as an adapter only or as a turn key solution with mounted devices. Specializing in custom design and production, Aries offers standard products as well as special materials, platings, sizes and configurations upon request.
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