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For Production Volume Applications: IC Sockets, Adaptors and Interconnect Packaging devices for printed circuit boards ,
Standard and Custom.

Please send or email us with your requirements.

NOTE: Besides the standard products you see here on this site, we also make production CUSTOM Sockets and Connectors to fit your exact needs. Please contact us with your specification requirements and volume.
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PCB Connectors and SMT Sockets,adapters,adaptor,adapter,PCI Card-Edge Connectors,AGP Connector, 124 Pin,PLCC Sockets (For thru-hole Applications),PLCC Sockets (For SMT Applications),SOJ Sockets (For SMT Applications),Cartridge Holder (For Slot 1 Processors,DIMM Sockets (For PC Memory),Slot 1 Connector 242 Pin,Socket 7 (For PC µProcessors),Socket 370 (For PC µProcessors),Socket 8 (For PC µProcessors),Socket A (For AMD PC µProcessors),Thru-Hole IC Sockets and Pin Headers,Dual-In-Line Stamped IC Sockets,Dual-In-Line Screw-Machine IC Sockets,Screw-Machine PGA Sockets,Pin Headers on 2.54mm Spacing,Extended Pin Headers on 2.54mm Spacing,Pin Headers on 2.00mm Spacing,Female Pin Headers on 2.54mm Spacing,Female Pin Headers on 2.00mm Spacing,Mini-Jumpers (shunts) on 2.54mm sample, quote, request custom pruducts

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