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Engineering Services: • Outsourced R&D within the USA, Design & Manufacturing • Research Instrument Development • Product Development & Collaboration • Balloon & UAV systems • Scientific Products • Contact Us
Products: Cryostats • Air Sampling Systems • Voltage Standard Products • Cryogenic Probes & Sample Holders • Quantitative MRI (qMRI) Phantoms • Optical Mounts • Heliodon

Collaborative designYour Concept Realized

Precision Instrument R&D and Manufacturing

Technologies: • Precision Mechanics • Cyrogenics • Optics • Vacuum & UHV • Electronics •

HPD, High Precision Devices, is a unique, highly regarded, highly capable, Research and Developement, Engineering Design and Manufacturing company populated with very talented and creative people with a very high degree of engineering technical skills, R & D savy, industy know how, experience, and creative vision, collaborative design friendly, located in Colorado, USA.

HPD Specializes in bringing your technical product concept, or lab instrument, or technical equipment to comercial product or laboratory ready reality. Specializing in collaborating with you on your concept and can help you bring your product, design, or concept, to a reality, to market or to your lab. Complete with a full array of Engineering Services, Design Services, Fabrication Services, Precision CNC Services, which includes this location to Outsorce your design, inspection, analysis or QA functions all in the USA. HPD can provide the unique services customized to your exact needs. Read more or Contact Us today with your needs. HPD can help, tell us what you need.

World-Class Precision Scientific Instrument, Comercial Instruments and equipment, R & D and Manufacturing of instruments & systems involving:
- Optics
- Precision Mechanics,
- Cryogenics
- Vacuum
- Ultra-High Vacuum
- Electronics

"The HPD team are the go-to people for these disciplines".
Cage Code: 3JNM0

HPD: Since 1993 and over 2000 projects and growing. HPD occupies a new 16,000 square foot space with more than 30 dedicated employees with extensive expertise combined with an impressive assortment of state of the art manufacturing, engineering, abd scientific equipment.
Made in the USA

Engineering Services:

Research Instrument Development
High Quality Scientific Instrument Design and Fabrication

USA Outsourced Research & Development Mechanical Engineering Services
World Class Mechanical Engineering Solutions within the USA

Mechanical Analysis of Your Designs
Quality Assurance and Metrology of Manufactured Parts

Precision Machining for R&D and Low Volume Production
We Specialize in Custom, Precision Instrumentation

Inspection and QA Services for Companies Providing Precision Machining Services
HPD Maintains a well-equipped Metrology Lab to handle Your QA and Inspection Requirements.

HPD Offers Contract Assembly and Testing Services
Hire HPD to Develop Your Comprehensive Assembly and Test Plan

UAV Systems and Technology
Custom aircraft, balloon, and UAV Instruments

Outsourced USA Research and Development
Outsource your Custom Product R&D

Analysis service
Design Analysis
Precision Machining CNC
Precision CNC

Custom Optics development
Custom Optics Design
Optical mount 5 axis
Custom Optics
Expertise in the Design and Development ofCustom Optics Mounts and Integrated Optics Systems
Expertise in Precision Optical Path and Breadboard Layout and Design

Custom Electronics
Custom Electronics
Custom Electronics
Custom Electronics design

Electronics and Electronic Control Systems for Use with Complex Scientific Instruments
Manufactured Scientific Instruments: HPD has the skill and the knowledge to design and integrate sophisticated electronic control systems.

HPD – Expertise in Developing Devices and Systems for Use in Low-temperature Research
Custom Cryogenic Device and Systems Engineering and Development, and Support

Ultra High vacuum UHV
Vacuum & UHV

Expert Engineering and Design of Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) Systems and Vacuum Compatible Devices
Put HPD’s Decades of experience in Vacuum and UHV system and component design to work for your organization.

Motion Control DesignMotion Control mechanics
Custom Motion Control Design

LIGO gravitational wave seismic islolation platform

LIGO Gravity Wave interferometers HAM-2 Seismic isolation platform, SEI
Custom Motion Control
Precision Mechanics

HPD is a world leader in the design and manufacture of systems for
precision motion control involving kinematic design.
Providing Services to The Research Scientist, and R & D Professionals in Industry

UVA Developement
UAV Systems and Technology

Custom aircraft, balloon, and UAV Instruments

Outsourced in USA Researched and Development
- Outsource your Custom Product R&D
- Contract your research and development needs with HPD’s expert staff to realize your concepts and designs into a finished, custom product.

Technical Clients Typically Served:
Lab Research

Custom Medical devices
Custom Medical R&D Devices

Air Sampling kit
Air Sampling Kits


HPD Product Range:
- Cryostats,
- Air Sampling Equipment,
- Optical Mounts,
- Architectural Heliodons

- HPD Research Cryostats
- ADR and DR Millikelvin Cryostats for Superconductivity Research
- Air Sampling Systems
- Voltage Standard Measurement
- Heliodon: Architectural Sun Emulator....
…Design…Build…Live SOLAR

Architectural Heliodons
Architectural Heliodons
Sun Emulators

Cystom Electronics Services
Custom QA services

Analysis Services
Cutom Analysis Services

Colaborative Instrument development
- Contract your research and development needs with HPD’s expert staff to realize your concepts and designs into a finished, custom product.

- Hire HPD to Develop Your Comprehensive Assembly and Test Plan- Mechanical Analysis of your Designs

- Contract your research and development needs with HPD’s expert staff to realize your concepts and designs into a finished, custom product.

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